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Hackoverflow Society

The First Milestone // 2017

Hackoverflow 1.0 was Chandigarh University’s first-ever short hackathon. It was an official event of the university’s tech festival and was one of the mega-events. It started in Block 9 and around 25 teams participated in it.

Ayonika Dey, who is now the co-founder of HTS, was then the core member for this event and Karan Bhargav, who is now the founder and director of HTS, was then a volunteer. They were people who had dreams which were worth more than their sleep. They knew that greatness comes before hustle only in a dictionary.

The Turning Point // 2018

Invento-Throne was led by Ayonika Dey, Karan Bhargav, and Harshiv. They gathered volunteers from Hackoverflow 1.0 and established a community called Hackoverflow Club. The event was renamed Hackoverflow 2.0 and it comprised of more than 80 volunteers. The event received attention from the Hon’ble Head of Dept. Of Student Welfare, Arvindar Kang.

Hackoverflow 2.0 was awarded the best event at the annual tech festival of CU – “Tech Invent”. It took the team almost 15 days to get an event promoted by Chandigarh University earlier, but now it is just 30 minutes.

The primary focus was on community-building and future endeavors.

The Rebirth // 2019

After Hackoverflow 2.0, it was time to fix the loopholes and step up the process of building a community. Hackoverflow Society became the first society in the university to have a corporate-like structure.

The developmental stages of any community are filled with struggle and time constraints. The pressure of converting the Hackoverflow club to society, and organizing departmental events at the same time was a challenge, but the team embraced them and worked upon them. New ideas and events like Impact-360 were executed in the meantime. 

The building blocks of the community were established with Amit Kumar Mishra, who proved his capabilities by organizing the AIM day, which is now an annual event for the Apex Institute of Technology. A few more members were recruited from the freshers’ batch. Karan Bhargav was appointed as the Director, Ayonika Dey as the President, and Harshiv as the Vice-President.

Small steps lead to big changes. The team began working for pan-India outreach and the Campus Ambassador program was brought to execution. A wise man once said that – “knowing is not good enough, we must apply. Willingness is not good enough, we must do it.”

The Show-Stealer // 2020

Hackoverflow 3.0 received more than 3,500 registrations. 50 teams from all over India participated in the event. The event began with more than 50 dedicated volunteers and 250 participants. During the valedictory ceremony, the Hon’ble Chancellor of Chandigarh University officially launched the Hackoverflow Technical Society.

Unfortunately, immediately after the end of the event, COVID-19 struck the country with full force. The team members returned to their homes and the society activities were at a standstill. It is said that bad times have scientific value and a good learner never misses an opportunity.

The Streak // 2020-2021

Despite the pandemic, the society has organized a plethora of events.  We kicked off the streak with the much-anticipated Membership Program. Creating a strong community takes a collaborative and inclusive approach from the beginning. Our efforts are visible in the growth of the students who joined us in this journey.

The team also organized Hack 1-on-1, which hosted a series of speakers for 30 days in a row and on 30 topics. After the event, Hackoverflow Society recruited new members. With new recruitments in almost every department, Hackoverflow Society got the young blood that it was looking for. After Hack 1-on-1, the society organized Genesis – a freshman competition that challenged the participants to solve real-world problems with creative and feasible solutions.

Building upon the idea of organizing events for the freshers, Hackoverflow Society organized Freshers’ Carnival – a fun event for the newcomers to get to know each other.

The Present // 2021 - ​

The journey of Hackoverflow Society has been a roller-coaster ride, with highs and lows throughout. It is the team’s hard work that ultimately positioned Hackoverflow Society to execute such wonderful events. It is said that – “how you travel your path is more important than reaching the destination” and we at Hackoverflow Society believe in it. The idea – “for the students, by the students” will continue.

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