All's well that ends well.? To end the July Slam, we've got a surprise? in stock for all those who felt bummed out in the entire month.? Let's test out your confidence and speaking skills,?️ with a sizzling debate.? In Pursuit of Dispute, a contest to defend what you believe? and understand the perspective of others? with a heated argument over refreshing summer drinks!?

Pen It Down is a long competition to reveal the creative juices of the writers. It comprises 2 rounds that will test the imagination, imagery, and storytelling skills. Round one is based on impromptu story writing. The participants will be given an hour to submit their best piece in just 200 to 700 words. Round two is more of an imagery test, but a bit tightly packed as they've to wrap it up in no more than 100 words.

Let's get together once again? and meet the eminent female alumni??‍♀️ of Chandigarh University who have set great examples of success.✨ Join us to know their career or maybe ask for a bit of advice to learn and grow.? After all, helping women discover their wings is what we aim for.?

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