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    Hackoverflow Society, Chandigarh University, Gharuan, Mohali, Punjab, India


    We might have a quick solution to your query. Have a look at the FAQ.

    What is Hackoverflow Society?

    Hackoverflow Society (HS) is a student-driven society. We organize hackathons, seminars, workshops, and much more.

    Is HS recgonized?

    Yes, HS is one of the fastest-growing societies in northern India. It is recognized by Chandigarh University.

    Where do I find its office?

    You can meet us in the Department of Student Welfare (DSW), Block 3, Chandigarh University.

    How do I become a member of HS?

    You can fill the form here. Once we receive your response, our team will get in touch with you.

    What are the membership requirements?

    We do not ask for much. To become an HS member, you need to be zealous, willing to help, and a student of Chandigarh University,

    Do you charge any fees?

    Absolutely not. HS is a students' society which does not charge students for its services.

    What happens after I join HS as a member?

    Once you make it through, the team will add you to the WhatsApp group (of your choice) where you can find like-minded people. You will also receive exclusive access to our events, and much more.

    What are the perks of joining HS?

    We have plenty in store for you. HTS Members receive exclusive perks like certificates, industry exposure, networking opportunities, and chance to interact with experts of various fields. 

    When does the recruitment for the core team start?

    We usually roll out vacancies in the core team every semester. We might roll out opportunities in between, too. Keep an eye out!

    What is the tenure for core team members?

    The predefined tenure is 6 months; however, the tenure is extendable.

    How do I get the updates about HS?

    The best way to stay updated with HS is to follow us on our social media handles. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get insider info about us.

    I need more information about HTS.

    You may contact our PR team: [email protected]. You can call us on +91 75970 00499 (Mon-Fri 11 AM-4 PM).

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