HashCode 2021 Chandigarh University
Chandigarh University Hub

Google Hash Code 2021 in collaboration with Chandigarh University Hub & HTS spells success. For GHC2021 Chandigarh University Hub, Hackoverflow Technical Society conducted a flawless Google Hash Code. By succeeding in getting 2000+ individual registrations with a total of 380+ teams participating from across India. We secured 3rd rank across India and ranked 7th globally. To make GHC2021 special, HTS also organized several events like Expert talks, meet and greet with previous year’s top-performing GHC team from India, weekly casual stress breaker lounge hours, Debate Competition and Cryptic Hunt as well.


Globally 🌎


in India 🇮🇳


A total of 60 teams participated via the Chanidgarh University Hub in the Google HashCode 2021.


Google HashCode 2021 - Chandigarh University

Google HashCode 2021

HTS joined hands with the Google HashCode’s Chandigarh University Hub to organize the Google’s Coding Contest – HashCode 2021. 60 teams from the hub participated in GHC and our hub ranked 7th globally.

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Cryptic Hunt

A fun-filled virtual treasure hunt to keep the participants from feeling exhausted from their GHC preparations. The clues for the event were all given online using pictures, emails, text, and QR Scanners.

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Ask me Anything

Ask me anything session with Yugansh Chokra allowed all the participants to clear their doubts and queries related to GHC, and various topics associated with it.

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HashCode 2021 Chandigarh University

Meet the Team

Sunal Sood - Design - Lead
Sunal Sood
Shubham Kumar
Vice Chair
Aanchal Singh - Content - Sub-coordinator
Aanchal Singh
Executive Member
Diksha Lamba - Event- Coordinator
Diksha Lamba
Executive Member
Danish Shakeel - Tech Coordinator
Danish Shakeel
Executive Member
Jahnvi Oberoi - CA Coordinator
Jahnvi Oberoi
Executive Member
Karman Nibber - Finance - Lead
Karman Nibber
Executive Member
Sakshi Arora
Executive Member
Sharannyo Basu - GHC Branding
Sharannyo Basu
Executive Member
Himanshu Goyal- Branding - Sub-coordinator
Himanshu Goyal
Executive Member
Shashi Kumar
Executive Member
Ashutosh Vijayvargyiya - GHC License Holder
Ashutosh Vijayvargyiya
Google HashCode License Holder
 illustration credits – danish shakeel
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