Our Initiatives

We, at Hackoverflow Society , believe that we should always strive for the best. The team always looks out for new and unique ideas that are beneficial for the student community and society as a whole.

Membership Program

Hackoverflow Society membership program was launched on 28th December, 2020 with about 900 students registered with us who are actively participating in discussions, workshops, quizzes, etc. organized by Hackoverflow Society.  We aim to be a society that best understands and satisfies the needs of students at all levels.

Campus Ambassador Program

Hackoverflow Society Campus Icon Program was launched in the year 2019 and we have observed more than 300 Campus Icons from across the nation. The Campus Icon program aims to identify energetic, passionate, and like-minded students with a zeal to initiate and make a mark. To act as a bridge between the Hackoverflow Society and students of different colleges, CA spreads awareness, developing strategies for promotion, constant interaction with the students through fun events, webinars, and much more.

The LaDebug Club

LaDebug club is a female-driven club initiated by Hackoverflow Society of Chandigarh University, with a motto of Debugging the gender gap in both tech and non-tech fields. It was launched on 6th April, 2021. We believe in coming up with equal opportunities for everyone by providing the members with an all-female platform to shine and evolve their skills leading them to greater heights in their careers. In diversity, there is beauty and strength.

Life Of Your Gurus - Hackoverflow Technical Society Initiative

Life Of Your Guru's

We have all heard about how selfless teachers are, they awaken within us the hunger for knowledge, the importance of learning, and values that last an eternity. But, before being teachers, they too were students just like us, they went to schools, universities, and colleges just like us, and they must have had their good and bad days just like us! But we never really get an opportunity to understand the type of life they had and the type of life they lived. So, we thought of building a platform where we can know more and more about our teachers, gurus, and management. We will get to learn about their routines, experiences, mindsets, their hardships, their favorites, their idols, ways of working, handling tough situations, and lots more. 

Life Of Your Gurus - Hackoverflow Technical Society Initiative
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