As Wilbur Wright said – “It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.” So, to serve the students with the best opportunities, LaDebug Club has come up with a saga named July Slam. It is a month-long celebration of talents and skills where students from different domains will have a chance to showcase the skills they’ve got and upscale their skill sets through our webinars. 

For a magnificent kickstart, the event launched with Design Inc., a competition that tested out the knack of students for designing. Following up was an expert talk detailing a beginner guide for competitive programming. To test out the creativity and imagination of students, we came up with Pen It Down, a story-writing competition of two rounds. Several such events are yet to roll up to test out the ideaphoria of participants and help them in their journey. One of them is our major event – WebUplift, a 14-day-long competition for all the tech geeks. The two-week-long competition will also include expert talks regarding web development to help them perform better and learn new things. Marketing Maverick, a challenge we have in stock for the students interested in strategizing social media marketing. The July Slam will end with Ever Outspoken, a debate competition for all the speakers out there. 

The best ones will get the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and receive prizes for their courage and efforts.

Register for WebUplift

The registrations for WebUplift are open now and will close on 16/07/2021. Hurry up and grab your chance to attend web development workshops, participate in challenges and win amazing prizes like amazon gift vouchers, certificates, and shoutouts.

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Design Inc.

An event to showcase your design reportoire

Pen It Down

Write to express, not to impress.


Show you geeky wings.

Marketing Maverick

Marketing magically.

Ever Outspoken

Ever Outspoken.


All's well that ends well.? To end the July Slam, we've got a surprise? in stock for all those who felt bummed out in the entire month.? Let's test out your confidence and speaking

To unlock level 2 and get some insights,? let's get into a hands-on workshop✨ on JavaScript and Git with Danish Shakeel, a Front-End Expert and a Full Stack Developer currently w

Test your strategic skills? with Marketing Mavericks and ace in digital marketing.? A competition for the audience to schedule and create new ways? to pitch the audience organicall

This summer, let your geeky? wings fly with WebUplift: a 15-day long event for those who chose the development highway.✨ With hands-on sessions?‍? and weekly challenges, it is

Before we move forward with the much awaited event,? lets get started with a hands-on workshop✨ on HTML and CSS with Mr Shantanu Shubham @leshantanushubham, an SD intern at Foxmu

Pen It Down is a long competition to reveal the creative juices of the writers. It comprises 2 rounds that will test the imagination, imagery, and storytelling skills. Round one is

We are back again? with yet another hack to level up your skills? and this time with a webinar✨ on competitive coding. Mr Yashraj Kakkad?: an expert Competitive Coder at Code Ch

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Design Inc. is a competition solely based on the participant’s creativity and the way they merge their ideas with The LaDebug Club. Their task was to design the merchandise for our club in 2-day time span and submit their designs to us.

Vision: The vision of this challenge was to inculcate the sense of designing for the participants who were not confident enough to show their designs.

Mission: The mission of this challenge was to solely look for hidden talents in the area of designing and celebrate their talent by giving them rewards.

Timeline: 04/07/2021 – 06/07/2021

Pen It Down is a long competition to reveal the creative juices of the writers. It comprises 2 rounds that will test the imagination, imagery, and storytelling skills. Round one is based on impromptu story writing. The participants will be given an hour to submit their best piece in just 200 to 700 words. Round two is more of an imagery test, but a bit tightly packed as they’ve to wrap it up in no more than 100 words.

Vision: The event will challenge their imagination, writing style, clarity of thoughts, and of course narration. With a vision to provide writers, a platform to express their ideas, Pen It Down will not only cater to their needs to reach out to people, but it will also help them to broaden their perspectives while writing a piece.

Mission: The sole mission of this event of July Slam is to test out the ideaphoria of participants and therefore provide them with a community to share their ideas and grow together with collaborative efforts.

Timeline: 11/07/2021 – 14/07/2021

Registrations closed.

WebUplift is LaDebug’s first-ever technical long event. It is a 15-day challenge that comprises hands-on sessions on HTML, CSS, and JS with experts. It includes 2 weekly challenges to test your knowledge and creativity in web development. 

Vision: We aim to provide a platform for all the talentend and geeky students out there, to learn the basics through our workshops and put their knowledge to test in the challenge with the top 3 rankers getting amazon gift vouchers.

Mission: The aim is to teach and enhance the technological knowledge of the students and to build a creative and progressive tech community.

Timeline: 16/07/2021 to 31/07/2021

Registrations open.

A day-long event in which we will find participants with the most creative, feasible, and apt solution to the case study provided.

Participants will fill a form to register, after the registration ends another form will be circulated with questions based on a case study. The participant with the most creative and feasible solutions will be declared as the winner.

To find a volunteer for marketing
To learn bout new ideas
Find some fresh perspective and approach towards problems.

Timeline: 20/07/2021 – 22/07/2021

You will be provided with two topics belonging to two different categories. All of you need to select a single topic from both sections and speak about it in 3 minutes only. The topics will be given 1 hour prior to the event to let you prepare. It is to be noted that your answers should incline towards the problem statement.

To bring out and recognize amazing speakers with problem-solving mindsets to help in building and upgrading the community standards and growth.

Timeline: 26/07/2021 – 28/07/2021

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